Ban Appeal

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Ban Appeal

Post by TGS » 28 May 2019

Good Afternoon,
I recently picked up this game after searching for something different to play with a friend of mine. After playing the game for a little bit I decided to test the waters and see if this game had any sort of anti cheat. 99% of the other games I have tested do not have one and made the game unplayable as anyone could join with a basic cheat engine speed hack and completely have an advantage over the enemy team. You have a very great idea going and what seems like a good community backing you up. Just some things to think about as you are working on the game. I did enjoy the game and would like to be unbanned if at all possible. My tests were completed the second I got banned so there is no reason for me to continue to cheat. I appreciate the work you've done this far.
Thanks, in game username: Galdon
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Post by OneManArmy » 28 May 2019

If intention was to test AC, then you should contact dev and ask permission... or at least inform about what you are planning to do.
Now when you are banned, why should i believe in story that it was AC test?

Next time when you will cheat in games (as i understand you are cheating on daily basis), at least do a quick google search, to understand if game has at least basic anti-cheat and get permission from developer, or don't ask to remove ban.

Contact me after 2-3 months and i will remove your ban.
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