My thoughts on this appeal system.

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My thoughts on this appeal system.

Post by Naixon » 29 May 2019

So I was banned for speedhacking. Yes, I did speed hack but besides that I've been looking around on this forum for a bit and from what i'm seeing the appeal system that everyone goes through is quite strict. Simple speed/memory hacking shouldn't be a permaban, and more like a couple days to a week. If it would continue a lot THEN the permaban should go through. Speed/memory hacking is a very common offense in many games and it's not super bad. Banning should still happen, but as I said earlier it shouldn't be a permaban.

I hope you understand what i'm saying, and that you will make changes to the usual process of bans.

Keep in mind that this isn't really a ban appeal, though it could be.

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Post by OneManArmy » 29 May 2019

This is not single player game. Cheating in multiplayer games is NOT allowed. Is it so hard to understand?
Yes, cheating may be fun FOR YOU, but you will ruin game for everyone else.

With memory hacking you can become invincible and nobody will be able to kill you. How it is not "super bad"?
Any cheating => is cheating and should be punished strictly.
If you can't play by rules, then you should not play at all.

P.S. usually once in a year/two i reset banlist, so permanent ban is more like 1-2 year ban.