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Posted: 12 Nov 2018
by impossybull
• Name of Administrator: Jovantone
• Date: 11/4/2018 -- posted 11/11/2018
• Explanation of the situation: Jovantone had Gold clan tag (rank 100) even though he is only rank 19, and he killed me for no reason using admin powers
• Evidence (necessary):

Re: Jovantone

Posted: 14 Nov 2018
by supra
I'm pretty sure you can choose any clantag color you want if you're an admin. If not, then I wouldn't have the option to change it to gold (when others, below rank 100, can't). If it isn't allowed for me to have my tag on this color, I'll just change it back to white.

Anyway, about the killing.. On my screen, you were lag spiking and teleporting all over the place. I don't think it was my wifi, you had twice the amount of ping I had (but I don't even know if it was the ping that made you look like this).

I didn't zoom-in with my scope (on the other guy) until you started heading up the ramp, therefor meaning that I could see all-around the container that you were behind and then came out of. Didn't you notice how I was looking at where you spawned from, but then you killed me when I had my back turned and I didn't even turn around when you fired all those shots? (I got up and started running because I missed my shot on your teammate).
I didn't even hear that you were coming up the ramp, or hear those shots even though I had my headphones on with 70% volume. And no, my headphones aren't the problem about that, I can hear people from very far away on that amount of volume.

You were the only one spiking for that period of time and not even your teammate with +300 ping was doing the same (well.. on my screen at least).

We're in the same clan so I thought you'd take it lightly or in a joking way and I wouldn't have to explain if I did that once. Your lag got me kind of irritated.. but that's no excuse to kill you. It was an irresponsible act for me to do that.
So my apologies, impossybull. Won't happen again.
Thanks for understanding.


Re: Jovantone

Posted: 14 Nov 2018
by OneManArmy
It was abuse of admin powers. First warning.

You should not force anyone to play on your rules.
If room is created with standard preset, player can use any weapons he wants.
If you want to play with snipers only, then create room with recon only preset.

By the way i am playing under different usernames to see what is going on in game and what admins are doing.
Some time ago you threatened to ban me, if i will not play with sniper rifle :D
This is not how admins should behave.

Re: Jovantone

Posted: 16 Nov 2018
by MrSaxyMan
OneManArmy with the home run.