Punish "rage quit" players

Should we punish players for "rage quit" (when players constantly leave game)?

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Re: Punish "rage quit" players

Post by OneManArmy » 04 Oct 2018

Yeah, i think timeout will work.
Wait time will start with 1 minute. If player will continuously leave game, then wait time will increase by minute (max wait time will be 5 minutes).

* Wait time will increase, when player leaves game before match ends.
* If player joined room and left without playing, it will not increase wait time.
* If player left game when room is empty, it will not increase wait time.
* Restart of game, or closing game will not help to escape wait time.
* If player was kicked (bad connection, or by admin), then it will not increase wait time.

Wait time will decrease if you played 3 full rounds.
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Post by Alexfinitore10 » 05 Nov 2018

Well, i agree with SenX51, imo you have to divide the games: the normal type, like the private matches on cod, and the "competitive" one where it's more serious. In that cases you could add a punishment, but in the normal matches it's very frustrating and boring. When i play with my friends, we often change lobbies, for mistaking the mod, or maybe to add more slots, and we wait everytime 30 second, for this "punishment". It makes you quit from the game with an easy ALT + F4!
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Post by stallker » 05 Nov 2018

A small sample for this subject;

(Angry players left the room.)
(A new player joins the room and the frag score is reset.)
This usually occurs on Gun Game, Team Gun Game, Team Death Match, Elimination modes. If one of these modes is played, if all players leave the game except one player, the game must be finished for the last player.
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Post by IAmYourGod » 06 Nov 2018

I think that you should only punish if it is repeated in a certain span of time, such as if someone leaves games 3 times in 5 minutes or something like that and then punish them for the next game they leave it is a 15min punishment because sometimes shit happens
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Post by MrSaxyMan » 16 Nov 2018

Maybe the punishment for leaving is docking XP from the player's overall rank, like 1000 or 1500 per match, along with the 30 seconds.
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