damage over distance

Do you think the drop in damage over distance in this game is too big?

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Re: damage over distance

Post by supra » 15 Feb 2019

OneManArmy wrote:
15 Feb 2019
Prototype #10 is quite long map.
M4A1 is for close-mid range, not for sniping.

It is necessary to decrease damage over distance.
This way we can more separate rifles from sniper rifles.
If M4A1 will be powerful at any range, then on map like Prototype13 everyone will run around with M4A1.
Yeah I know, that's why I said it makes sense and doesn't really bother me. I usually play with L96A1, even on small maps so I don't really have any problems with damage/distance.
OneManArmy wrote:
15 Feb 2019
I did some adjustments and now damage over distance will not drop till zero.
It will stay in range between 50% and 33% of maximum damage over distance.
Looking forward to next update :arrow:
Not as active as I used to be but I'm still here and there :D
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