Earn Bonus XP

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Earn Bonus XP

Post by OneManArmy » 18 Mar 2018

Here will be few tips how to rank up faster.

1. Play every day and get Daily Reward (experience points).

Day 1 = 0 xp
Day 2 = 1000 xp
Day 3 = 2000 xp
Day 4 = 3000 xp
Day 5 = 4000 xp
Day 6 = 5000 xp
Day 7 = 6000 xp
Day 8+ = 7000 xp

* You must play at least one match to get daily reward.
* If you will exit game without playing, you will lose reward for this day, but progression will stay/continue.
* If you will skip one day, you will lose progression and you will have to start from beginning.

2. Win match and you will get bonus experience points.

Bonus depends from game mode and number of players in room.
In TDM mode winner team will get 200 XP * number of players.
In DM and GG winner will get 500 XP * number of players.

You will not get bonus XP from winning in TDM:
* If you joined room, where match already passed half.
* If you joined leading team (when match passed half).

3. Be more active in days when Double XP enabled.
If you came here by clicking on icon in game, it means that Double XP is enabled.