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Post by HDryan » 06 Dec 2018

Hello, I'm new here, I found this on itch.io as I was looking for FPS games. Seems like a promising mix of CS/R6/Battlefield.

Looking forward to play with y'all.
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Post by picsouman » 06 Dec 2018

hi ! welcome
hope u'll enjoy the game
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Post by Stickyyy » 06 Dec 2018

Welcome, have fun :)
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Post by EricR » 06 Dec 2018

Hello and welcome HDryan :D
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Post by JovaN » 07 Dec 2018

Welcome to the community :)
Enjoy your stay
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Post by iTerQ » 12 Dec 2018

Hello! We hope you will stay longer :D
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Post by Johnliew97 » 13 Dec 2018

If you like insane grenade radius, Character that can't hold a sniper still, and flying drones everywhere, this game is for you.
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