Cross Hare

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Cross Hare

Post by BigBoss2004 » 13 Sep 2018

A cross hare at all times so you don't have to aim every time you shoot a gun.
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Post by OneManArmy » 13 Sep 2018

I understand that most of players are used to crosshairs in games, but crosshairs are more for games like CS, where you can't aim down the sights.
Also in this game weapons are quite accurate when you shoot from hip, so you can no-scope easier. Adding crooshair will require to increase inaccuracy when you shoot from hip and it will give you zero advantage + no-scope will be almost impossible.
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Post by picsouman » 13 Sep 2018

agree with OMA. Or if you really want a constant crosshair, put 2 pieces from tape roll on your screen hahaha. Its a solution ^_^
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Post by lavender » 26 Sep 2018

"put 2 pieces from tape roll on your screen"
That would be a physical hack (>_<)lol
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