Ranked matches

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Ranked matches

Post by Czarek » 17 Jul 2018

Imo, ranked matches will be 200 iq idea, because sometimes, players are not playing for win, but just they are acting like: "WOWO IM 5YO LETS TROLL THAT GAME HHAHAHAHA FUNNY STUFF". I'd like to avoid behavior like that, by playing ranked matches, which will exert pressure at players.
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Post by blasterant » 17 Jul 2018

Unfortunately, I don't think ranked matches will decrease the number of troll in the game. We already have a leaderboard, and if you take a look at the other games, its the same, you will not stop a troller from trolling that way. And at this moment, the balance in this game is too bad to welcome a ranked system imo, too many inequalities
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Post by Johnliew97 » 21 Sep 2018

I think ranked is a good Idea, Because having an objective in a game is fun. So implementing a ranking will be cool.
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Post by OneManArmy » 21 Sep 2018

You don't see number of online players? You don't think that your idea at this moment is simply impossible.
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Post by picsouman » 21 Sep 2018

haha i was thinking exactly like OMA we are at maximum 25 players online and it's rare lol.
Sure i'ts a good idea because players like zapper, shotgunner, Wullie or me for example are ruinning game of newbie... But i'ts an idea when the game will grow up. So you I think we have to wait a long long time for that =)
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