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Post by Dice » 11 Jun 2019

1.1 - Game master having game master instead just hosting the match.
1.2 - Changing game master. Example: /give gm to PLAYERNAME
1.3 - You can add the Create Game editor as GAME MASTER's ROOM EDITOR.
1.4 - You can add a button to room edtting in the playing menu:
1.5 - If you think that will create problems, just add a votation to decide if will change or not.

Maybe someone already suggested this but its here if not. Why? It's anonning having let out to change the room settings, being for ping (when has little players but the room only allow 200 ping) and etc.

This thing can be added together with ROOM CHANGES suggested by other players. If its in the plans to adding them, just remembering that this is necessary too.
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Post by P3KK » 11 Jun 2019

I think this would be a nice quality of life addition.
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Post by impossybull » 12 Jun 2019

I have played a game with this in it (Call of Duty Black Ops DS). I think it would be an improvement though it's hard to say how much of an improvement as if one doesn't like a lobby, they can make their own. The main advantage I could see here would be that the kills limit could be increased as the lobby fills. 25 kills with 8-10 players or 75 kills with 2-4 players is no fun.

Btw, Dice, can you not put your forum posts in all caps for no reason? :?: Thank you.
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