Otimização / Optimization ?

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Otimização / Optimization ?

Post by ViniciusDLL » 15 Sep 2018

O jogo terá uma otimização para máquinas mais fracas?

Minha máquina é bem ruim, quando estou a jogar não tem um desempenho bom, vai ter uma otimização no futuro? estou aguardando.

My machine is really bad, when I am playing it does not perform well, will it have an optimization in the future? I am waiting.
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Post by OneManArmy » 15 Sep 2018

There is pretty much nothing to optimize. Only by sacrificing visual quality, what i don't plan to do.
If you can't play game even on lowest settings, then you must consider to upgrade your PC.
You don't need high-end PC to play this game, but also "calculator" is not enough.
At least buy used dedicated GPU (20-40$) and game should run fine.
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