Fun facts about the forum

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Fun facts about the forum

Post by impossybull » 11 May 2019

The forum is 499 days old, and currently has 3933 users.
Of these, only 266 (6.76%) have ever made a post.
For 106 of the users that have posted, they have made only one post.
The "10-post club" is shared by only 47 people; the "100-post club" by 5.

Most active user: OneManArmy (duh)
Least active user: Prophet (Account is 465 days old, no posts)
Least active user that *is* active in game: tiospock (Account is 401 days old, no posts)

Besides Registed users, the default group, there are four additional user groups:
There is one Administrator: OneManArmy.
There are five Game Admins: P3KK, MrTitix, iTerQ, supra, and Stickyyy.
There are 14 Donators: MrTitix, omniskop, impossybull, Mirtonim, WMMVY, picsouman, lavender, Yianni, litenite, Nalla, sviseerd, Zapper, vne, and GMaster.
There are no Support members: it is a group for "someone who helps with content (makes sounds, models, maps and so on)", and for a reason needs to be distinguished.

The oldest surviving post is the Changelog.
The oldest surviving post not by OneManArmy: "Map Editor" by iTerq
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Post by litenite » 11 May 2019

lol someone got bored after their finals XD
Let me LITE your NITE :):
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Post by MrTitix » 11 May 2019

They are more donator in SkillWarz than Modern FPS
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Post by iTerQ » 15 Jul 2019

You have too much free time :D
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