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Top 10

Post by arn » 21 Jun 2019

Top 10 Skillwarz (Cuties!!)

1. Sviseerd
2. Zapper
3. litenite
4. impossybull
5. Peru
6. Radlax
7. BigB00BIES
8. caraibi1
9. mynameis
10. StashBA

Full homo to all the cuties out there and be sure to reply :D
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Post by litenite » 21 Jun 2019

This made me laugh so hard :d I thought it was the best players topic at first and i was like 'someone got high'. Then i read it again and was like oh it's top cuties...ya i could be 3rd ;D lmao xD although I'd recommend making topics like this in off topic it'd you don't want them to get erased lol
Let me LITE your NITE :):
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Post by sviseerd » 21 Jun 2019

but secretly full homo
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Post by iTerQ » 22 Jun 2019

Moved to offtopic.
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Post by Flopper » 11 Jul 2019

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