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Top 10 SLAPPBACCS On The Forum

Posted: 11 Aug 2019
by impossybull
Every forum has some funny drama now and again. Here's a Top 10 of off-the-wall forum posts, with funny and witty responses.

Note: Most have been condensed for clarity. And of course don't be mean on the forum; these are funny responses that are not mean :D Enjoy!

Honorable mention) Ban Appeal
I do not care s I do not believe is your game administrator you do what you want there are many other good players that no longer play as Nova and stop Soros das very bad service you can not be softened uneasy Without knowing learn before you give a fucking manpower as an administrator go to the same shit. You and your fucking asshole game. Fucking Administrator. Supposed mind 35 old you're a fucking baby
Thanks for kind words.

10) Ban Appeal
Let my cousin play and use a program called Cheat engine and made a bullet hack put in the ban INFO you know it's the first time I have a problem like this I'm level 39 and I do not want to lose my progress I hope you understand unban I'm Chuck Valensbayard
one army Take away my Bane
"my cousin play and use a program called Cheat engine"
It's not an excuse. There is NO proof that you are saying truth.

9) Ban Appeal
I do not use hack, because I was banned?
I tried to do this tutorial ( and when I entered I was banned
Seriously, you think i will believe in this story?
Anti-cheat banned you for memory hack.
Topic locked.

8) Chat Ban Appeal
Yep I was banned for swearing... Great game.
Due to some annoying and cocky players I decided to reply with swearing and I get banned?
I had received 2 Warnings and I was on a Caravan trip during this time, I had received a verbal warning and a "Board warning".
Now first up if the Moderators and Admins and other plays don't like swearing WHY DON'T YOU GET A FILTERING SYSTEM?
Secondly I was accused by one player of "Harassing" (Because apparently me Swearing is harassing)
Thirdly People need to toughen up, I was reported for Swearing and Harassment in the Cheating part of the forum Really bruh?
So I ask for my account back and to be given one more chance because not only did I not notice or see the 2 warnings given to me I also was not "harassing" people.
Not even bothered to apologize for breaking rules.
Even more, it looks like you blame us.
Maybe you should try to "filter" yourself (what YOU write in chat).

7) Chat Ban Appeal
Recently, I have been chat banned with the nickname "AnekOmak". Not gonna lie, one of my homies at school must've said something toxic or something like that, as I am not the type of person to come out toxic and offensive.
Like always... my little brother, my friends and so on...
Nobody cares... Your PC = your responsibility.
After ban in chat you started to use tag "FAG".
I removed your tag few times, but you always set this tag back and finally you got ban on 12 hours.
I see you have second account with username "Hitlersdad". Read rules... one player = one account.
I will remove your chat ban, but if we will see inappropriate tag, or insult/swearing in chat, you will get ban in game on at least 3 months.
If someone sees that he breaks rules - take screenshot and post here. Admins, ban without warning.
P.S. And change flag to Denmark... you are not from Brazil!
I do not have another account, at all. I've never seen this game before in my life, besides when I created this account, so that doesn't make any sense to me if another acc is created via my ip. I never played this game before. Besides from playing on this account.
Both accounts are created from the same location/city (by IP), same PC and even same password was used. Who are you trying to fool here?
I think we must teach you a lesson...
Tell truth, or be ready for much stronger punishment.
Now you will get ban also in game. Congrats.

6) Admin Request
Hey, i love your Game Skillwarz and i always wanted to be an Admin or Moderator to Moderate and Help you with the Game.
I have also some knowledge of Unity3D & Being mature & helpfull at games.

And my age is 14 Years old.
My name is Ibo (Ibrahim)
I like coding and designing.

I also have a youtube channel & Discord, where i shared your Game since i would love if people play with me :)
And i'm a Professional player at your game.
I'm not sure if you don't know "uberstrike" it was made in 2008 and also i played it 5 years and i was Moderator at this game.
well i hope this can be approved.
Thank you very much sir ;) ;) !

My eyes hurt.

5) Chat Ban Appeal
Hello, my english is not amazing, how so i will try my best to do it justice!!!!
my name is blusewilly_retry and i am twitch streamer...
i was muted from talking in a match and i can not talk in any match...
i said some bad words but i did not mean it... in china we just say as insult , i did not know it was offensive, please unmute me..
i will stream the game if i can get unmuted :)
Theres is my twitch -
Hi, in-game chat is not required to stream game on Twitch and link doesn't prove that it is your twitch channel.
Play SW on stream, drop me a link (in topic, or in forum chat) and i will remove mute.
So desperate for views are you?
too bad then i do not talk... business opportunity for your bad game that will not come again..
It was YOUR offer (stream game if i will remove mute).
You thought it will be so easy to fool me? :D
When you wrote this comment, owner of this twitch channel was playing Apex Legends.
You are just a pathetic liar.
Been what... two years??? and your game is still going nowhere... Lol.. go make an undertale remake or something
enjoy ban in forum and game

4) Ban Appeal
I was playing on a european server as no americans play this damn game and i am a american so i lag extremely badly and it decided to ban me for "memory hack" which the only way to do a memory hack is with a cheat client and i dont want to waste my time on such a shit game with a client as i had spin boters not getting banned in the game i was playing but i get banned for fucking playing normally... FIX YOUR BAN SYSTEM!
"and i dont want to waste my time on such a shit game" Well problem solved, you are now banned so no need to waste your time anymore !
And i think anti-cheat works flawlessly. Minus one on "script kiddies" side.
Seems legit....
Only 18 kills for his entire account. Definitely not going around trying to find games to mod....
nah fuck all of you thinking im cheating because first off how the fuck do you use a hack on a game that just came out and secondly i just fucking started playing this shit game and it bans me in my first fucking game so impossybull dont think your slick acting like oh yea 18 kills on my entire account.
Yeah, shit happens when you cheat in games. I hope lesson learned...
if game is "shit" why do you waste your time? Doh...
Read the forum, we get people like you all the time. :D "I just spawned in and I got banned". Yeah right, no one believes you.
Come up with something original at least...

3) Admin Abuse
*impossybull posts a video of Jovantone killing him with Admin Powers because he isn't using a sniper rifle*
You should not force anyone to play on your rules.
Some time ago you threatened to ban me, if i will not play with sniper rifle :D
This is not how admins should behave.

2) Admin Request
Been playing this game when it came out, and love the opportunity to be an admin and make this community the best place for all of us.
Joined: 14 Apr 2018
Last active: 15 Apr 2018
Request declined.

1) Ban Appeal
So I wanted to test your AntiCheat and opened a new game with 2 players (I didnt wanted to do that in public).
So and yes.. I used cheatengine and yes.. I modified my Ammo
So heres a simple Question: Can you please Unban me?
I just wanted to test it and it worked!
But I didnt remember to go onto a second account..
I wont try this again!
"and it worked!" - yes it worked and now you are banned.

I hope you enjoyed this list! Reply below if there is one you think I should have included :D -ipb

Re: SkillWarz Forum Top 10 SLAPPBACCS

Posted: 11 Aug 2019
by litenite
aka highlights of the SW forums xD

Re: Top 10 SLAPPBACCS On The Forum

Posted: 12 Aug 2019
by laugh
the 1st place lmao

Re: Top 10 SLAPPBACCS On The Forum

Posted: 14 Aug 2019
by litenite
I think you missed this one from swiseerd(lol) haker(lolxD) aimbot

caraibi1: Do you still need more evidence to understand that you are using aimbot haker? shoot on the fly while jumping, even jumping from head to head to a low wall? how do you know where i am and kill me?

OMA (the G lmao): ... Only weird thing in this video is that you are playing with MG4 on sniper map...caraibi1 STOP annoy community/players. This is last warning.

Re: Top 10 SLAPPBACCS On The Forum

Posted: 14 Aug 2019
by impossybull
Oh yeah I forgot that one XD it would probs be like #4

For those interested: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=928 :D :D

Re: Top 10 SLAPPBACCS On The Forum

Posted: 22 Oct 2019
by UnknownGuy
one army Take away my Bane