Banned for cheating! But please read!

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Banned for cheating! But please read!

Post by emlin » 05 Dec 2018

So I wanted to test your AntiCheat and opened a new game with 2 players (I didnt wanted to do that in public).
So and yes.. I used cheatengine and yes.. I modified my Ammo
So heres a simple Question: Can you please Unban me?
I just wanted to test it and it worked!
But I didnt remember to go onto a second account..
I wont try this again!
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Post by OneManArmy » 05 Dec 2018

"and it worked!" - yes it worked and now you are banned.
If you wanted to "test" anti cheat (idk why), you had to contact me first and get permission.
Also having multiple accounts is against rules!
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Post by impossybull » 06 Dec 2018

Man, I can't even
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Post by Johnliew97 » 09 Dec 2018

Don't worry. I tried cheating in other games too. Don't try it.