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More stats

Post by supra » 10 Feb 2019

I was thinking about adding a button in top-right corner of scoreboard to show extra stats and see how player is performing. The way to click it is by pressing mouse2 to enable your cursor. At first, it would show normal stats before you click the button, but when you click it toggles to different stats to see. If you're confused about what I mean, here are a couple of pics (that took me 30min to do).
The way to turn it off is by clicking "Less Stats" which would appear at the same location after you've pressed "More Stats".
This would be just to see how you or your team/enemies are performing. I'd personally like to have this 'cause most of the time I'm curious to see how many headshots someone has landed ;)
Oh and it doesn't have to be the stats I specified, for example there doesn't need to be "XP".. there can be something else. (I didn't know what else to think of though).

Of course, this would just be a fun feature to add. nothing necessary. I'm sure OMA can make a better looking button though (I know my editing was terrible :D). Thanks for reading, I'd like to hear what you guys think
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Post by Justiyaya » 11 Feb 2019

I think that it should display your Kill/Death rate, rank, kills in game, kills in lifetime. That sort of thing.
same thing as the dude above said.
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