swisserd haker aimbot

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swisserd haker aimbot

Post by caraibi1 » 21 Jul 2019

Do you still need more evidence to understand that you are using aimbot haker? shoot on the fly while jumping, even jumping from head to head to a low wall? how do you know where i am and kill me?
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Post by OneManArmy » 21 Jul 2019

In video you see him and hee sees you more then 1 second.
And there is no difference in weapon accuracy when you stand still or you jump.
Only weird thing in this video is that you are playing with MG4 on sniper map.

caraibi1 STOP annoy coommunity/players. This is last warning.
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Post by impossybull » 21 Jul 2019

So you are using an LMG on a sniper map and expect to not get sniped? Ok.....................

I have gotten 59 kills in one game with a sniper before, on this map.
Just because someone kills you, does not mean they are "haker".
There are many people, like him, RM||Z3R0||, me, and SeekerS that are good with snipers.
OneMannArmy wrote:caraibi1 STOP annoy coommunity/players. This is last warning.
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