decimal places, and Unity rounding stuff

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decimal places, and Unity rounding stuff

Post by impossybull » 07 Nov 2019

So if there's a number in a text box, and I select the text box which selects the whole number, and type a decimal point ".", it does not get typed in. I have to type a number first for the existing text to get deleted, then the text box works fine.

If I were you I'd put in some statements in the functions relating to position and dimensions of objects, something like:

IF (round(abs(val)) - abs(val) < .000001)
val = round(val)

(yes, I know this is not C# LOL)

But it might help to eliminate the problems with things not staying integer values, which is probably just because of how unity stores floating points.
Just a suggestion :)
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Post by UnknownGuy » 07 Nov 2019

Thanks! :D
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