changes in player movement and new weaponts

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changes in player movement and new weaponts

Post by Achille0072 » 09 Nov 2019

I know it's difficult, in fact it would broke the logic of most of the game maps, but I think it would be cool if you add wallruns in the game, obviusly changing also the fall speed and the high of the jumps, like Call Of Duty. For the weaponts I think that more weaponts would add much fun at the gun game mode, that is my favourite modality.
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Post by notatroll » 09 Nov 2019

in a poll that was made most people did not want not wall running. the movement tactics that are already in the game are enough to make most new players already not know how to play against those that are more experienced so adding another feature would only make that worse. As for the weapons i agree but each weapon would have to serve a purpose and from what i can tell most weapons already do and adding new ones would only fill a spot in the game which is already fulfilled by current weapons.
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Post by impossybull » 09 Nov 2019

Main thing: adding new weapons is hard. There are not many that are not already similar to one in the game. Probably some more unique ones could be:
-- double barrel shotgun (more spread, less range)
-- M60 (high damage, low fire rate LMG)
-- PP2000 (high accuracy, low damage machine pistol)
-- P90 (large mag size, medium recoil, medium damage and range SMG)

But even these aren't that different and there's already basically all types of weapons in SW, except launchers.
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