Admin Request- IAmYourGod

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Admin Request- IAmYourGod

Post by Deleted User 2960 » 30 Oct 2018

• Name: Drew
• Age: 15
• In-game username: IAmYourGod
• Experience as admin in other games: Minecraft, Platoon
• How long do you play this game: About a week
• From which country you are: USA
• What's your native language: English
• What other languages do you know: Hindi, Spanish a bit
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Post by stallker » 31 Oct 2018

Hello there;

Firstly, welcome to this platform. It's ridiculous that you ask for admin authority as soon as you join the community. First of all, you need to correct your communication with other players. You have a bad, abusive form of communication. I think you're too young. But it's not a problem, you'il learn it over time.

Good luck.
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Post by Zapper » 17 Dec 2018

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