Admin Request - Zackohno

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Admin Request - Zackohno

Post by Zackohno » 06 Jan 2019

• Name: Zachary
• Age: 17
• In-game username: Zackohno
• Experience as admin in other games: Blackshot global, Graal era / Classic
• How long do you play this game:If including before i quit, i would say 200+
• From which country you are: united states
• What's your native language: English
• What other languages do you know: English, Japanese( a Little bit still learning}.

Extra - Well Since im constantly active unless sleep or eating, i request access to being admin due to afk players with 500 ping online As is seen right now. As i have a big Fanbase on discord mabye i could sway in a few players. If i am not accepted i shall take that as a no and continue to play the game. Thank you.
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Post by OneManArmy » 06 Jan 2019