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Post by GagoMudo » 07 Apr 2019

My map is finished, this is my version of the Hollow Building! Have fun.

Link para Download => ... sp=sharing
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Post by OneManArmy » 07 Apr 2019

How about some screenshots? or video?
And add your map in attachments of this topic.
To add in attachments map must be in archive (rar, zip)
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Post by fraus » 08 Apr 2019

just checked it out and i thought it was a beautiful map with a very nice layout. One thing i didnt really like though is the lack of use for the props as a way of replacing walls. The use of so many gray blocks is kind of an eye sore, so i recommend trying to see what you can do with the props to make a wall. im not saying to not use blocks, im just saying to not use them too much. Other than it being a bit of an eye sore i think its a very nice map and i thing you have LOTS of potential as an amazing map creator in the community and thats not something i think i have ever said to anyone. Good luck!
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