In-Game Voice Chat?

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In-Game Voice Chat?

Post by DRX81 » 16 May 2019

So, i thought, it would be cool to have an in-game voice chat for teams, what do you think?
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Post by supra » 16 May 2019

We've already suggested this before, but with such a small community it wouldn't be worth it. I'd like to have one too, but we can just use discord for voice chatting..
I think it's around $100 for buying the ingame voice-chat, or maybe it's $100 for renting per month/year, not sure.
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Post by OneManArmy » 16 May 2019

$ 95 once, but if online will go above 100, then 95$ every month.
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Post by impossybull » 17 May 2019

Yeah, so pretty expensive. If you want to in game chat with people, join a clan, and play together and talk on discord.

Remember also that most people that play this game don’t even speak good English so even if there was a voice chat, it wouldn’t be as helpful as you would think :/
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