12 players?

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12 players?

Post by arn » 11 Jun 2019

Earlier today, in a Team DM game, there was 6 people on 1 team and 4 on the other, and if its 10 max, it should be 5 max on a team, but I counted 6 players on 1 team
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Post by impossybull » 11 Jun 2019

I've seen this before too. It is because, on the server side, there is a high (or no) limit to how many people can be on one team. Team balancing is managed client side. So if you and someone else try to join the same team within a time period less than your combined pings (approximately) then that's what will happen, because the game clients will not know someone else has already joined until you have also joined. It is a relatively simple fix (at least from a server side perspective) but not really necessary in my opinion. Usually people will leave mid-game and then the teams will be rebalanced.
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